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Premium Granite Counters in St. Louis

Revitalize your kitchen or bathroom with help from Cabinet Distributors Inc. We know you can have it all when you want a beautiful kitchen. That’s why we design custom granite countertops that add real appeal to your place. Whether you want the timeless charm and resilience of granite countertops or the marvelous look of classic quartz, we have the perfect product for you. 

Let us help you select a countertop that works best for you and your space. Having years of experience in the trade, we know how to cater to your bathroom and kitchen remodeling goals. Find out more about our granite counters in St. Louis.

Why Choose Custom Countertops? 

Give your kitchen or bathroom a unique look. Instead of settling for the same-old countertops that your neighbors’ have, let us help you be original. After all, your options are nearly endless. Not only do we install granite countertops in all types, styles, and colors, but we also build them to suit your needs. From square and mitered edges to waterfall, bullnose, and marine edges, there are so many unique variations to choose from.

Impress your house guests when they enter with custom countertops. At the same time, if you ever plan to sell your home, new counters are an excellent investment. You may be able to increase your asking price by thousands of dollars.

Comprehensive Kitchen Countertop Installation

It’s your kitchen and your plan. So why let a contractor give you a prepackaged countertop service? Instead, allow us to customize your product and provide service that exceeds your expectations. We take the time to understand your design goals, determine your needs, and completely customize your project. In fact, it is our goal to transform your kitchen into something stylish, inviting, and uniquely yours. Schedule an estimate today when you need kitchen countertop installation.

Transforming Bathrooms & Kitchens with Countertop Replacement

You’ve repainted your room, but it still looks outdated. Do something wonderful with your worn-out kitchen or bathroom by contacting us for new granite counters. If your current countertops are out of date or damaged, we have a solution. We’ll give your room a marvelous makeover. Let us design the entire project to match the style you want. Depending on your home décor, your unique tastes, and your budget, we’ll create the perfect countertop that’s right for you.

Granite Counters in St. Louis, MO

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when you are looking to install custom countertops in your kitchen or bathroom. We proudly serve St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding areas.